Interactive Presentations/Videos/JobAids

Competency 3 | Sub-Competency 1

Communicates effectively in oral and written formats.
The Fisherman—A Digital Story by Terri Krause

March 2015. This is a digital story for use in an educational setting. It could serve as a lead-in for a writing class working on character development, a college/career class discussion on the implications of not pursuing higher education, or a psych or sociology class discussion on isolation or authenticity.

  • The Fisherman Story Board This is a pdf of the storyboard that was used to create this digital story. The original piece was nearly two minutes too long, so the script was edited to fit the six minute parameters of the project.

Competency 3 | Sub-Competency 2

Effectively communicates content through the design and delivery of teaching/learning activities that integrate content and pedagogy.

EDCI 5696 Software Demonstration

January 2015.This artifact is a learning object that is designed to introduce a tech savvy masters level audience to efficiency concepts and tools used by professionals in the field. The content and pedagogy are closely integrated (Sub-Competency 2) and the language such that it can be used for graphics industry professionals as well as beginning Instructional Designers.

Competency 3 | Sub-Competency 3

Demonstrates the ability to adapt instruction and assessment techniques to the needs of diverse users.

Competency 7 | Sub-Competency 2

Designs, plans, and develops instructional interventions using appropriate strategies and techniques.

Interactive Job Aid for Client PTG

April 2015. This project was created in Adobe Acrobat for a corporate client, with multimedia interactivity embedded. It will be used in the absence of the bookkeeper and/or for purposes of training new employees.

The Components
  • Instructional Plan This Instructional Plan served as the guide to building the Job Aid. It helped flesh out the process and isolate issues. It also served as a checklist to verify no steps were missed, and helped provide indicators of places signals would be needed.
  • Start-Up Document This document includes the steps necessary to start the Deposit Process and splits the login information between two separate computers and files.
  • PTG BOLD Job Aid This second part of the Job Aid includes the information to actually login to the banking portal as well as all steps necessary to make a deposit.
  • Job Aid Evaluation These formative and summative evaluations cover the usability of the Job Aids from the Learner standpoint as well as providing assessments for the supervisor of the potential employee to evaluate ability to accurately complete the tasks without human intervention.

Competency 4 | Sub-Competency 1

Develops a personal vision of inclusive educational practice.
UDL Use in Blackboard Modules

March 2015. This PDF was created in Adobe Acrobat to show some of the ways UDL was treated in a Blackboard recast of two modules for EDU6617 Graphic Design in Multimedia for Troy University.

NOTE: Multimedia interactivity is embedded and due to browser variance, the best way to view the PDF is to download it and open it in Adobe Acrobat.

Competency 8 | Sub-Competency 1

Plans and designs effective learning environments and experiences supported by technology.

Jack Waterkamp Case Study Discussion Summation

December 2014. I was responsible for the final reflection/ summation of our Case Study facilitation. I created a Prezi to show an overview of our project. My teammates filled in their own information for Things We Would Change and Final Reflections. I am including a link to the Prezi as well, so that you can play Nicole's introduction video and self-pace the presentation if you wish to. I know the music may violate Mayer's Coherence principle, but, I used it for a reason. There was so much information to present, and it was most critical that users be engaged throughout the video (at least the first time through), so I used music I thought might capture and keep attention. 

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YouTube | Prezi | Instructional Plan