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Ms Krause (Terri)

It is entirely appropriate to ask people about their research. If they get cranky with you they are not worth your time. Thank you for asking. The short answer is “no” and none of the researchers who have actually spent the time to understand the argument (and the research design issues that support the argument) disagree with my argument. The only people who disagree are those for whom the argument is an inconvenient contradiction to their preferred, but demonstrably wrong, view of media. Let me know if you have any other questions. The current view is in the chapter and article below.

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Dick Clark

Clark Media will Never ETRD 1994 Best

Clark Media Book Chapter 18

Dear Dr. Clark,

I hope you won’t find this too forward that I am reaching out to you in this way; but, we are studying your work (and have been using your research) in a number of classes in the Purdue MS Ed LD&T program and the discussion has really piqued my curiosity. Because the most recent writings we can find for you are from the late ‘90s, and because we are studying the “Great Media Debate”, several of the students have conjectured that given today’s technologies and the move toward e-Learning, you may have altered your conclusion(s) somewhat. Since I cannot find any recent studies/articles, I thought perhaps you might not mind if I ask you directly. So please forgive me if this is inappropriate.

Has anything happened that might have modified your stance on the role of media in instructional design and education? Has the shift to blended and e-Learning environments impacted the importance of media in the ID decision making process?

Thank you for any clarity you might give, and thank you for your work in behalf of education!

Terri Krause

Purdue University